Zeitpunkte für den Sonenaufgangs und den Sonnenuntergang / Daylight Calculator

Power demand and subsequently power prices depend, besides other factors, on the lightning demand which depends on weather conditions, on the geographical location of the customer and on the time of the year. The last two effects are deterministically calculable as they do not depend on stochastic impacts. Bitte geben Sie Ihre Werte ein und drücken Sie "SUBMIT".

If you like you can calculate the sunrise and sunset times for a location you are interested in. Please fill out the degrees of longitude and latitude, give a calendar date in European style  and press submit. The result is presented in Western European Time. If daylight saving time holds please add one hour.

Pleasemodify the following data and press "SUBMIT":
   degree of longitude (example Frankfurt: -8.6)
   degree of latitude (example Frankfurt: 50.2)
   Date (for example 13.1.2007)

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